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  Front Firing Blank Firing ASI-UZI 9MMPA With Stock #FFUZI5205-16-7000

Front Firing Blank Firing ASI-UZI 9MMPA With Stock 
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Front Firing ASI Blank Firing UZI 9MMPA-Ekol ASI, same UZI but With the Folding Stock: Our New Front Firing UZI With a Folding Stock Fires Flames and Smoke from the front of the Barrel just like a real Firearm. Our Blank Firing ASI UZI fires 15 9MMPA Blanks in 1.9 seconds. It is approved by the ATF. Like all of our Blank firing guns there is no firearms license required to purchase or own one. It comes with a 15 Round Magazine AND for a limited time an extended 25 round. Yep, you get both FREE during this promotion so buy pretty soon. The blank firing Fully Automatic UZI has 3 modes of operation 1. Safety, it will not fire 2. Semi-Automatic, fires, ejects and reloads automatically every time you press the trigger. 3. Full or fully automatic mode, fires, ejects and reloads continuously as long as you just hold the trigger down. It fires, ejects and reloads until you release the trigger or run out of ammo, just like a machine gun does. You just switch a small lever to move from different modes, really easy. It is my understanding that if the item is used in the theatrical, movie, or television industry the red tip can be removed. Weighs 3 lb 7 oz, Height: 7 Length: 14 stock closed and 24" with stock open, Fires 9MMPA Blanks. You can add Blanks, extra 15 round mags below.

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Price: $275.00

Extra 15 Round Magazine
25 Extra Round Magazine
Folding Stock

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