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  John Wayne "The Duke" 1873 Army Peacemaker Cap Pistol Gray Finish #JW308

John Wayne "The Duke" 1873 Army Peacemaker Cap Pistol Gray Finish  
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John Wayne's Fast Draw “Peacemaker” Revolver is immortalized with this solid metal cap gun. This licensed John Wayne Peacemaker Replica looks and feels like the real thing. A detailed replica of a single action fast draw model Peacemaker, this cap gun features a 5.5" barrel, faux ivory grips, working single action and shell ejector. Not only does this cap gun fire off 6 rounds of caps seamlessly, it is accurately detailed and built with outstanding craftsmanship. To load the caps simply pull off 1 cap from the cap ring and push into the center of the dummy shell as shown in the image. Repeat for all 6 dummy cap shells. Load each dummy cap shell into cap gun cylinder. to fire just pull the hammer back and pull the trigger. John Wayne Fully assembled Replica 1873 Peacemaker comes in a collectors box with 6 Dummy Rounds Cap Shells as shown in the picture. It has complete authentic working mechanism but can not fire real bullets or blanks, just these specific caps. Specifications; Length 11” Weight 1.8 Lbs Gray Finish with Faux Ivory Grips, Barrel 5.5” . Although it comes with 6 dummy shells the caps are not included so order plenty Caps and more fake bullet cap holders just below here. Fake Bullet sets do include 24 Caps.

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Shipping; No license required for our Replica Guns.
Price: $129.00

Extra Fake Bullets

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