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Monday Through Friday :: Blank Revolvers :: Kimar M 314 6MM Blank Firing Revolver

  Kimar M 314 6MM Blank Firing Revolver #KR6MM-307

Kimar M 314 6MM Blank Firing Revolver 
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Our New Kimar Mod. 314 6MM 7 shot Blank Firing Revolver is the ideal starter pistol with working single and double action. Modeled after the well known "detective" snub nosed .38, these olympic starting pistols are perfect for props, dog training or starting a race. The swing out cylinder holds seven .22 crimp (6mm) blanks. This model comes assembled with plastic wood design grip. Features:, Length: 6.29, Barrel: 2.75, Caliber: (6mm) .22 Crimp Capacity: 7, Weight:.85 lbs

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