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Monday Through Friday :: Blank Revolvers :: Viper 2.5" Barrel 6mm Blank Firing Gun-Black

  Viper 2.5" Barrel 6mm Blank Firing Gun-Black #Viper2.522B7057

Viper 2.5" Barrel 6mm Blank Firing Gun-Black 
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The Viper 2.5 6MM Blank Gun-Ekol Viper fires 22/6mm crimp blanks. This is the perfect starter pistol that is affordable and reliable. Our 6mm/22 caliber blank firing revolver also serves as a great piece for dog or Canine training and smaller theatrical productions because of the quieter sound than 9MM/380 Revolvers that is sometimes preferred. This is a great value for the price. This new smaller caliber revolver is in high demand so you may want to consider ordering now to ensure prompt delivery. Weight: 1.65 Lbs. Capacity: 6 blank rounds.

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Shipping; No license required for Blank Firing Guns.
Price: $99.00

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