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Monday Through Friday :: Blank Guns :: P229 Sig Sauer Replica 9 MMPA Blank firing gun Nickel Gold

  P229 Sig Sauer Replica 9 MMPA Blank firing gun Nickel Gold #P229NG7031

P229 Sig Sauer Replica 9 MMPA Blank firing gun Nickel Gold 
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Sig Sauer P229 9MMPA Blank Firing Gun Replica. The Sig Saur P229 is currently being used by several military and law enforcement agencies; including the NYPD. Pull back the slide to load the first blank into the chamber. When fired blank shells are ejected from the top of the barrel and reloaded from the magazine automatically each time you pull the trigger. When the last blank is fired the slide will lock back letting you know you are empty just like a real fire arm until you release it. The P229 blank gun fires both single and double action. That means you can pull the hammer back with your thumb to cock the gun like single action guns require or just squeeze the trigger with your finger as a double action gun is capable of doing. The P229 Blank gun is great as a Stage and film Prop as well as collecting and Display. Includes 1 Magazine and a Hard-shell carrying case. Caliber. 9 MMPA. Length 6.7 weighs 2 lbs Holds 9 Rounds:

Shipping; No license required for Blank Firing Guns.
Price: $109.00

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