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Monday Through Friday :: Blank Guns :: 1873 Peacemaker .22LR/6mm Blank Gun-Silver-Black

  1873 Peacemaker .22LR/6mm Blank Gun-Silver-Black #1873K22SB202

1873 Peacemaker .22LR/6mm Blank Gun-Silver-Black 
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22LR/6mm 1873 Peacemaker Replica Blank Gun Silver Black: If you need a quieter shot our fine reproduction of the classic Colt .45 western six-shooter revolver fires .22LR or 6mm crimp blanks as fast as you can cock the hammer. Pull the hammer back to half cock, open the loading gate, and place six cartridges in the chambers as you rotate the cylinder. It is great for Movie Props, Stage props, Collectors or just having fun. This Blank Peacemaker has proven by experience to be an excellent blank gun prop for Annie Get Your Gun and Oklahoma productions as well for many other Western reenactments using blank gun and fake gun props. Many of our Blank Firing western guns are purchased for those type western performances and shows. This fires 22LR or 6MM Crimp blanks. Both are quiet. The 6mm is a little quieter. It feature 4.75" barrel, a working shell ejector, a removable cylinder and plastic grips. Reproduction Colt 45 1873 Peacemaker in .22LR/6mm. Barrel Length 4.75 Weighs 2 lbs. 2 oz. Shoots 6 Rounds. Our 22LR/6MM Blank Firing Peacemakers fire both 22LR Blanks and 6MM Blanks. Both are quieter than 380/9MM Blanks even in Half Load. The 6MM blanks are quieter than 22LR blanks. You can add boxes of 100 of either 22LR Blanks or 6MM Blanks or both just below here.

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Shipping; No license required for Blank Firing Guns.
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