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  Blank Firing 1866 Derringer 6mm - Nickel #DerringerN376

Blank Firing 1866 Derringer 6mm - Nickel 
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1866 .22 Caliber/6mm crimps Double Barrel Blank Firing Derringer, NIckel Finish. This hide-away pistol was a favorite of many Gamblers, Ladies and Outlaws. The barrels swing up for easy loading. The cam action allows the hammer to strike first one barrel then the other. Great as Stage Prop Derringers, Reenactment Derringers, Display Derringers or just plain fun. Length 5, Weight 0.8lb, Caliber 6MM - 6mm Blanks sometimes called crimps or acorm blanks - Rounds 2. 1866 .22 Caliber/6mm Double Barrel Blank Firing Derringer

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Shipping; Must be 18 or older to order or own a blank gun. No license required for Blank Firing Guns.
Price: $128.00

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