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  Large Yellow Brass Cannon #16-FYB

Large Yellow Brass Cannon 
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GAS FIRING CANNON: Classic and fully operational Solid Brass replicas of our very first gas fired cast iron cannons manufactured from 1916 to 1934. The original patterns and dies were used to recreate this unique collector's item. The cannons are cast in either red brass for a copper finish or yellow brass for a gold finish. Entirely hand polished. The lacquer finish will preserve their luster for years to come. All are single shot breech loading with ammunition in rear of drag beam.Fun to use and makes a nice display piece! 23" Long X 6 1/2" Wide X 6 1/2" High Weighs 13 lbs. Our loudest Cannon at 120 DB

Price: $420.00

Extra Bangsite
Extra Spark Plug

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